“I See A Darkness”

11 May 2020

Just earlier this week I wrote a post on my private page about a song I love which taught me to find a peace with my inner darkness. I used to listen to it on loop in my early twenties and it’s resurfaced this week somehow appearing in my Spotify suggestions. This time a remake of Bonnie Prince Billies original by Johnny Cash.

So I’ve been listening. I’ve been listening to the song and I’ve been listening to my darkness. And I’ve been listening to the greater darkness.

As the wind rolls around and I watch the jackdaws and kites sail against the clouds and the darkness is throbbing with the weight of a thousands griefs for this planet, her inhabitants, broken systems of power and control, the fear and confusion and trying to make sense of what is going on when we all know we’ve been lied to again and again and again and our own intuition has been gaslighted for centruries…..

I See A Darkness ; Did you know how much I love you?

And then I read this post from an Astrologer I follow (Hare in the Moon Astrology), and her final words: “Feeling lost in the dark is a sign that light is on its way. So make your mantra:”I am not failing, I am not dying, I am reorienting”

The Darkness is not something to hide from. It is part of everything, part of each of us. A part worth getting to know for in it are riches. Our griefs tell us what we love, our pains tell us how we thrive, our wounds show us how to grow and guide us into a fuller expression of who we really are.

I see a darkness

did you know how much I love you?

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