I have been working and training in healing arts for the past 12 years.

All of my training is working with ways in which to bring wholeness back into our lives . I’m open to combining approaches in order to find the most effective way to enable you to come into your natural, authentic self. Through tailoring a series of sessions to your needs we will be working with all the tools not only in the psychotherapeutic box, but in the holistic box of healing as well.


I spent the first 12 years of my working life within the theatre and film industry as a lighting technician/designer, actress, workshop leader, producer and director. Here I learnt the power of telling your story, the connection between our bodies and our emotional states, the language of emotions, the ins and outs of the ego, as well as many other useful life lessons. 

After a short pause for reflection I retrained as a Reiki Energy Healer, learning the art of Reiki Healing to Master Level alongside Angelic connection. This saw me working with a multitude of people with a wide range of issues, witnessing the profound impact of our past on how we live in the present as well as seeing the ability of each of us to bring about change in our lives.

Since then I have gained Shamanic credentials and am continuing to investigate working from an ecopsychological perspective which enables us to feel how are are on the earth and how our relationships are so much wider than just those with other humans.

After exploring and working as a healer for a number of years, I then gained my qualifications as a Counsellor at Re-Vision in London. This training was integrative and so drew on many different techniques and approaches to provide a wide base of tools and resources. I have worked with clients presenting a range of issues including post natal depression, childhood abuse and family trauma, domestic abuse, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse and grief.

Most recently I spent two years volunteering with land based organisations, the last of which was a residential Leadership Development centre which drew on land based learning practices. This reconnected me to our environment and gave me the opportunity to work in a supported way with people from vastly different backgrounds all working towards finding a more authentic way of living their lives.

What People Say

Erica radiates amazing power. She held space for me with such strength and tenderness that I truly relaxed and experienced a really profound healing

Sarah Ponti

Erica is intuitive, professional and very, very good at what she does. She has a warm, gentle manner and is secure in her abilities which are at times astounding.

Shelley Halstead

I felt so held by Erica in my session..that I could just let go  and trust, relax and allow… which I am not usually very good at!!

Tristan Pulver


Together we can find the best combination to meet your needs.

Whatever the reason you feel drawn to this work, let me know and we can talk through what you are looking for, what you might expect and what could be of most use to you in your particular situation.

Drop me an email or give me a call and I’ll be happy to discuss working with you on whatever it is that’s coming up for healing.

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